The Cycled Concept


The Cycled SmartBins use artificial intelligence to sort recyclables out of the general waste stream while the Cycled app optimizes the schedule for picking up recyclables from the SmartBin. Click here to learn more


Our incentives are customizable for facility owners. This ensure users of the SmartBin are socially motivated to recycle everywhere they go.


The cycle is not complete until there’s a new product! At Cycled, we partner with local repurposing facilities to ensure your recyclables is given a new life.

Cycled Showcases

Waste as value

Municipality Scale

In Lagos Nigeria, Cycled has opened the door to the market economy of recyclables. Using the Cycled App, landfill waste workers are directly connected to clean and sorted recyclables accumulated at households and facilities. Read more

Exhibition Center

In 2019, the Cycled SmartBin’s were showcased at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. During the 6 months’ pilot, we located SmartBins in strategic locations of the facility to promote source sorting of recyclables. The ADNEC facility contains exhibition halls, restaurants and hotels, and is the largest facility of its type in the Middle East. Read more Get it on the news

Sports Arena

In collaboration with VOSS Water and the DP World Tour Championship, Cycled Technologies carried out a pilot of our SmartBins to promote recycling of empty VOSS PET bottles at the 2018 DP World Tour Championship, Dubai. To enhance the recovery rate of single use plastics used at the event, we created a raffle with empty PET bottles (VOSS) as the entry ticket. Read more Read the whitepaper

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