Smart-bin in Dubai

Today, we had a very insightful meeting with Enviro serve — an e-waste recycling facility in Dubai regarding point-of-end handling of high quality and quantity of glass waste. During the meeting, we learnt that very little is currently done to collect high quality glass waste, or any waste stream, from single users. The current focus of most collectors is on high quantity sources like restaurants and events — which makes a lot of business sense since high volumes of recyclables in this case are typically handled by a single entity. So collectors just need to deal with one person to get large volumes rather than deal with single users who have very little volume.

That’s an opportunity out there for our smart-bin concept! This would allow us to accumulate large quantities from a group of single-users. This was collectors can literally get a call from the bins when they reach full capacity and don’t have to waste time on periodical check ups.

Watch this space for more on our smart bin concept