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Recycling the word “waste”, by adding value to it

Municipality Scale

Market economy can be a great equalizer. As long as one has something to sell, it is possible to improve the standard of living. Large groups of people in the world are unable to reach the first step of that ladder.

Often many factors combine, effectively closing the door to market economy. Cycled Technology aims to open it for everyone. The idea for the Cycled app originated with Ayoola Brimmo, whilst observing environmental challenges in Nigeria. Vast heaps of garbage is home to landfill workers, who already have the mindset for recycling.
They go hiking in the hills of trash, prospecting for valuable items. When they deliver their catch to traditional waste management systems, there are factors of uncertainty regarding both their level of compensation, and to what degree the material is recycled. The Cycled pilot project will roll out the Cycled app, which is aimed at assisting local entrepreneurs getting into the recycling business. By providing them with access to the Cycled value chain through the app, every single item in the pile will become valuable. Cycled Technology empowers them with the necessary tools, complementing the skills they already have.
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Exhibition Center

ADNEC is the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition centre. Buildings, hotels, roads and pretty much anything you care to mention, is built to a specific standard in Abu Dhabi.

It can be summed up with the words, big and luxurious. The ADNEC is no different in that respect. On the official website, it is possible to explore the hallways and conference halls via a virtual tour. Their dimensions would suit the castle of a medieval king, and even while flying through it with clicks of the mouse, it is possible to get lost in the marble hallways. Perhaps that’s why a large sign proclaiming that you’ve reached the «Customer Happiness centre» is such a welcome sight.
Cycled Technologies cooperates with ADNEC on a pilot project that aims to help keep the customers happy. Four SmartBins have been placed within the exhibition center, demonstrating collection, source separation and the disposal process. An essential part of the Cycled solution is the incentives that each user is able to reap by using the system. At ADNEC, Cycled Technologies is developing incentives that relate to service providers in the center, providing an extra level of interaction and fun to every visit.
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Sports Arena

The game of golf can trace its origins back to Scotland in the Middle Ages. The Old Course at St. Andrews was established in 1574, and is considered to be an essential notch in many serious golfers’ club.

Through the centuries, golf has in equal parts fascinated and frustrated players across the world. Large tournaments attract huge crowds, and they consume vast amounts of beverages, food and snacks.
At the 2018 World Tour Championship in Dubai, the crowd of 80.000 spectators was able to participate in a game that helped keeping the fairway green. In collaboration with Voss water, Cycled Technologies created a raffle that could be entered by recycling empty PET bottles. Each bottle was marked with a sticker, and the Cycled technology platform kept track of each participant.
Representatives for the event reported that the newness of the concept and the technology involved, clearly contributed to people’s willingness to recycle. A total of 71 kilos of recyclable PET bottles were collected by the SmartBins, demonstrating that the correct mix of incentivizing users and providing them with easy access to recycling points yields solid results.
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