Smart & socially driven waste management for future cities


Smart Waste Management


Self-Sorting based on Artificial Intelligence

The Cycled SmartBin detect recyclables using image recognition and artificial intelligence, and sorts them as a safeguard from contamination.


Reward Options

Conversion to utility credits
Option 1

Conversion to utility credits
(Electricity bill, toll gate fees etc.)

Premium access to pool
Option 2

Premium access to pool of 350+ reward outlets
(Restaurants, groceries, wellness centers and family entertainment)


Each unit averts 1.5 tons of CO2 per year

and Pays back in 3-5 yearss

Sales of Material
Sales of Material

Revenue generated from the sales and sorted

recyclables translates to a break-even of 3-5 years

Landfill volume reduction
Landfill volume reduction

Reduce logistics and management costs of the landfill

by reducing the quantity of recyclables ‚Äčthat is thrashed

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