How to invest

To participate in the Cycled Token Initial Coin Offering, please follow this step-by-step guide. If you face any issue, do connect with us on our Discord channel or email us at

Step 1: Register

1.1 Enter all the required details to begin the registration process for Cycled ICO. You can also register using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

1.2 Enter the code sent to your registered email address.

1.3 Once the authentication code is approved, you’ll be redirected to verify page to enter your KYC details.

1.4 Enter the OTP Verification Code sent to your mentioned phone number for KYC authentication.

Step 2: Invest

2.1 Enter the address of your ERC 20 compatible wallet where you wish to receive the CYD Tokens.


2.2 Select the cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC) with which you wish to buy CYD Tokens. After selecting the cryptocurrency, you can either enter:

2.3 Copy and Paste our unique fund’s wallet address to transfer the investment amount for buying CYD Tokens.

Please Note: The unique address mentioned here can be used for a one-time transaction only. Don’t use this address for sending investment more than once

2.4 After the transaction is verified, the CYD Tokens will be transferred to your account.

Please Note: Transaction verification might take a few hours.

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