You will only be able to invest after you have successfully registered on Cycled. All contributions made by you will be linked to your account. Cycled is aiming at creating an organically strong ecosystem which will include thousands and some day even millions of people. This dictates that we need to be able to identify our participants.

ERC20 is a protocol describing the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract must implement. ERC20 can’t be termed as technology, software or a piece of code rather a technical specification. A token implementing the technical specification is an ERC20 token.

We do not keep your tokens on our system or under our control. Once we send them to your ERC20 compatible wallet, after the pre-sale or ICO ends, you will have full control over what you do with them.

You need an ERC20 compatible wallet to store the Cycled allotted after pre-sale or ICO ends. We don’t keep the Tokens allotted to you neither in our system nor under our control. You will have the complete ownership of your Cycled.

The Cycled Token can be safely transferred to any ERC20 compatible wallet like Metamask, imToken, MyEtherWallet or Mist.

RECOMMENDED WALLETS: We suggest using Metamask and MyEtherWallet. There is a browser extension available for Metamask wallet. In case, you wish to withdraw, you can safely connect to our withdraw page to communicate with our smart contract and benefit with the price-floor mechanism of the fund.

Note: In case you do not have an ERC20 compatible wallet, learn how to open one here.

During pre-sale we will only be accepting: Ether(ETH). You may send this crypto-currency numerous times, and in any combination.

The most common way of acquiring crypto currencies is to purchase them on one of the many exchanges, like Coinbase, Kraken or Binance. There are also many tutorials available online on how to buy cryptocurrencies. On the informational page Akeo techyou can find some helpful articles on this subject.

Please Note: Each country has different set of rules and regulation for the purchase of crypto-currency. Please go through the rules and regulations applicable in your country before buying crypto-currency.

We suggest setting up a cold storage wallet before purchasing on an exchange. If for example you use Coinbase to purchase ETH for investing in our ICO, YOU WILL STILL NEED AN ERC20 COMPATIBLE WALLET BEFORE YOU MAKE AN INVESTMENT IN CYCLED!

Currently there are over 120 exchanges to choose from. Please do some research before choosing an exchange. Most sites prove a “how-to” article explaining the purchasing process on their site. Here is the current list of active cryptocurrency exchanges.

No. We only accept investments in the form of crypto currencies.

There is no minimum investment for Cycled.

You may not be able to see your Cycled in your wallet of choice instantly. You need to add our smart contract details to your wallet first. This is common for most ICOs.


  1. Click on Metamask Google Chrome Extension, and then click on the “TOKENS” tab.
  2. The option of ‘Add Token’ will appear, please enter the Cycled Smart Contract address with symbol “Cycled” and “18” decimal places.
  3. Click Save, and you are done.
  4. Your balance will be updated once we transfer the Cycled. Add this link: here


  1. Click on “View Wallet Info” on MyEtherWallet, and then search for “Token Balances”
  2. Click on “Add Custom Token” under Token Balances
  3. Enter the Cycled Smart Contract address with symbol “Cycled” and “18” decimal places.
  4. Click save, and then you are done.
  5. Your balance will be updated once we transfer the Cycled.

Step 1: Click to interact with the Cycled Smart Contract

Step 2: Under “8. balanceOf” enter your Ethereum receiving address and click on “Query” to check if you have received the Cycled or not.

Step 3: In case your Cycled have not been transferred yet, DO NOT WORRY. Our payouts are scheduled every 24 hours, your account will be updated soon.

Please Note: In case you have locked your ETH address on the Invest Page, then your Cycled will be transferred in the next payment cycle.

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