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Our mission is to optimize every step of the conventional waste management process to ensure an increase in the quantity and quality of materials that end up in recycling plants while improving the social status and working environment of waste collectors

The Cycled project aims to develop a waste management system that is optimized from bottom to the top. Using the simple-to-use block chain powered app, waste disposers will be more dynamically incentivized to clean and sort their recyclables before disposal, and waste collectors will be more substantially incentivized to carry our door-to-door collections. To fuel this incentive mechanism, our R&D activities and recycling facilities will ensure that all collected materials are recycled to similar or higher grade products.


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Norway Innovation

The Cycled way

Conventional System

Conventional Way

Cycled System

Cycled Way


Key Details

  • Maximum Supply: 1 Billion CYD
  • 1 ETH: 25,000 CYD
  • Total Sales Cap: 500 Million CYD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH

Key Dates

  • Pre-sale starts: May 01, 2018
  • Pre-sale ends: May 30, 2018
  • Main-sale starts: October 1, 2018
  • Main-sale ends: October 31, 2018
Cycled App - Waste management blockchain ecosystem

Our Blockchain Powered Mobile Apps

  • Allows for a transparent distribution of incentives
  • Eases the process of searching for waste collectors
  • Allow collectors to work independently in an improved working environment
  • Encourages source based sorting and cleaning to minimize pre-processing costs at recycling plants
  • Serves as a wallet to hold, spend or gift CycledTokens



Apr, 2016 The founding team put the concept together

Business Validation

Sep, 2016 Backed by Innovation Norway

Building Blocks

Feb, 2017 1st version of Cycled app was launched and tested in Masdar City


May, 2017 MOU with Ecobulpak (Bulgaria) and AKEO (Norway)

App Development

Jan, 2018

Developed architecture of Minimum Viable Product for large scale demonstrations in Sofia and Lagos

ICO Initiation

Nov, 2017 Began research, drafting the whitepaper, and developing the website

Stage 2 Demonstrations

Oct, 2017 Tested app and concept in an open community in Lagos

Stage 1 Demonstrations

Jun, 2017 Tested app and concept with closed group in Lagos, New York and Abu Dhabi


May, 2018 Sale of 20% of CYD Tokens


May, 2018 Begin scientific research on retrieving maximum value from plastic and aluminum waste

Blockchain Migration

Jun, 2018 Begin migration of the MVP to the blockchain and finalizing gaming features

Stage 3 Demonstration

Aug, 2018 Begin full scale, citywide demonstration in Lagos and Sofia


Apr, 2019 Full scale marketing and roll out

Norwegian Demonstration

Feb, 2019 Demonstrations as a tool for maximizing collection of recyclables during soccer matches

BETA Testing

Dec, 2018 Test of blockchain powered app and features


Oct, 2018 Sale of 30% of CYD coins


Aug, 2019 Expansion to new markets
Meet the


Thor Sverre

CEO and Co-Founder
Thor Sverre is a pioneer of the Scandinavian Green Business community. He has over 10 years experience in representing Scandinavian clean-tech businesses in Europe, Middle East and Asia. This charismatic CEO is well-known in the waste management industry as a stringent supporter of the circular economy model.

Ayoola Brimmo

President and Co-Founder
Ayoola has an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in clean technology. He previously worked as a R&D staff in Masdar City (a model green city) through which he instigated several non-profit cleantech initiatives in West Africa. He is also experienced in managing businesses in the Middle East and Africa, and has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013.

Matteo Chiesa

R&D Director and Co-Founder
Matteo is a Professor in Material Science. He previously worked as a Scientist in MIT and went on to establish the Energy and Nano Science Laboratory at Masdar City. He has authored over 200 scientific publications and is well known as a fore-runner in nanoscale engineering.

Benedikt Pilscheur

Bus. Dev. Director
Benedikt has an M.Sc. in Material Science with a minor in clean technology. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur, on the board of several companies, and has assisted over 20 Scandinavian companies setup their business in the Middle East. He has strong business ties in Europe and India.

Louie Procopio

Chief Marketing Officer
Louie has an extensive experience marketing work, and as for content and marketing, he has few equals. He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to grabbing the attention of masses for a cause.

Henrik Holter

Project Manager
As a Project Manager, Henrik already proved his worth with effectively managing the BullToken ICO. He has a unique skill for prioritizing important tasks first to create effective drive in the project development.

Sofie Stuen Bennia

Project Manager
Sofie is the cultural mastermind of Cycled. An experience business owner, her Bachelor’s degree in Innovation & Project Management adds to her already structured way of handling business.

Madlena Vladimirova

Head of Operations (Bulgaria)
Madlena is a passionate environmentalist who has dedicated her career to facilitating relevant solutions for the Bulgarian waste management and waste water treatment industry. She is experienced in handling clean tech related projects in Sofia, and is a fervent driver of recycling initiatives within her community.

Manish Gupta

Technical Director
Manish led the development team of the already successful blockchain based platform: Bulltoken. He has almost a decade of computer applications and software development experience, and this comes on top of his Masters Degree on IT. During his career, he has consistently been delivering high-end IT solutions to the Fintech industry.

Ashish Gupta

Solutions Architect
Ashish has extensive experience within the IT industry. He has deep technical knowledge in blockchain programming, smart contract creation and front- and backend production.

Akshya Bhargava

Sr. Web Developer
With a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Akshya is an expert in many tools and techniques for web development. He looks forward to thriving on Blockchain Industry while keeping pace with IT industry trends and developments.

Bhawna Gupta

QA Lead
Bhawna is a scrupulous QA Engineer with more than 9+ years of experience. An expert in many tools and techniques, she knows how to timely delivery software products within the SCOPE and with quality.

Ankit Jain

UI/UX Designer
Ankit excels in creative UX/UI design and web development. An expert of multiple programming languages, he knows what it takes to create an efficient and seamless web page experience.

Yash Gupta

Yash is a technology enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Skilled in various programming technologies & languages.

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