Coca-Cola commits to recycling

Coca-Cola’s recently announced target of recycling 100% of their aluminium cans by 2030 has been stirring up reactions across the industry. While this statement has received many accolades, some analyst are skeptical about its feasibility.

One thing is for sure; it will be difficult to achieve a 100% recycling rate since the company currently has very little control of the cans once they are shipped out. Hence, their success will greatly depend on the company’s ability to stimulate the can’s lifecycle to ensure that they always head back to recycling plants post user consumption. Considering the million, or maybe even billion, of Coca Cola products consumed everyday, the only feasible way to do this, that I can think of, is crowdsourcing. But who knows what the company has up their sleeves.

Regardless of the route they take, I will just like them to know that we are extremely proud of them, and will be celebrating by popping only coke in our next TGIF gathering — diet coke of course 😉