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We deliver waste collection technologies that make recycling fun and rewarding for all stakeholders. The Cycled App and Smart Bin socially engage the public with gaming activities that offer instantaneous rewards for clean and well-sorted recyclables. These technologies are guaranteed to make waste management in your facility or event more effective and sustainable.

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Providing the industry-leading waste collection solutions

Our Blockchain Powered Mobile Apps

  • Customized incentives for recyclables
  • Logistic tool for waste collectors
  • Personalized recycling profile
  • Serves as a wallet to hold, spend or gift CycledTokens

The Cycled Public Smart Bins

  • ​​Transforms public disposal of recyclables into a fun gaming activity
  • Real time evaluation of the quantity and quality of recyclables
  • Low power consumption (less than an LED bulb)
  • Smart access control

Random Facts

Founded in 2016

The company was originally founded to create a digital platform that enables recycling facilities crowd source their sorting and cleaning operations to the public. The pioneering technology, delivered to the end users as the Cycled App, is now being used to empower landfill waste collectors in the developing world — by connecting them directly to higher value recyclables at households and businesses.


We have given out prizes worth over $2500. Winning big is always fun.

Cycled is recycling waste from every corner

Our collaborators

1 in 4 of the objects placed in the curbside recycling bins are actually not recyclable. This does not only increases the processing cost at recycling facilities but also renders bulk of the collected recyclables as invaluable trash.

Meet the team


Thor Sverre

CEO and Co-Founder
Thor Sverre is a pioneer of the Scandinavian Green Business community. He has over 10 years experience in representing Scandinavian clean-tech businesses in Europe, Middle East and Asia. This charismatic CEO is well-known in the waste management industry as a stringent supporter of the circular economy model.

Ayoola Brimmo

COO and Co-Founder
Ayoola has an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in clean technology. He previously worked as a R&D staff in Masdar City (a model green city) through which he instigated several cleantech initiatives in West Africa. He is also experienced in managing businesses in the Middle East and Africa.

Benedikt Pilscheur

CTO and Co-Founder
Benedikt has graduate degrees in Material Science (M.Sc.) and Electrical Electronics (Dipl. -Ing. FH). He is also a seasoned entrepreneur, and technologist in the cleantech startup space. Some of his other works include a Solar Tracking System at the Masdar Beam down Facility, and the Soraytec Smart Meter.

Madlena Vladimirova

Head of Operations (Bulgaria)
Madlena is a passionate environmentalist who has dedicated her career to facilitating relevant solutions for the Bulgarian waste management and waste water treatment industry. She is experienced in handling clean tech related projects in Sofia, and is a fervent driver of recycling initiatives within her community.

Matteo Chiesa

R&D Director and Co-Founder
Matteo is a Professor in Material Science. He previously worked as a Scientist in MIT and went on to establish the Energy and Nano Science Laboratory at Masdar City. He has authored over 200 scientific publications and is well known as a fore-runner in nanoscale engineering.


Manish Gupta

Technical Director
Manish led the development team of the already successful blockchain based platform: Bulltoken. He has almost a decade of computer applications and software development experience, and this comes on top of his Masters Degree on IT. During his career, he has consistently been delivering high-end IT solutions to the Fintech industry.

Ashish Gupta

Solutions Architect
Ashish has extensive experience within the IT industry. He has deep technical knowledge in blockchain programming, smart contract creation and front- and backend production.

Henrik Holter

Project Manager
As a Project Manager, Henrik already proved his worth with effectively managing the BullToken ICO. He has a unique skill for prioritizing important tasks first to create effective drive in the project development.

Sofie Stuen Bennia

Project Manager
Sofie is the cultural mastermind of Cycled. An experience business owner, her Bachelor’s degree in Innovation & Project Management adds to her already structured way of handling business.

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