The business of recycling flipping the notion of waste on its head

Meet the team

Thor Sverre Minnesjord

CEO and Co-Founder
Thor Sverre is a pioneer of the Scandinavian Green Business community. He has over 10 years experience in representing Scandinavian clean-tech businesses in Europe, Middle East and Asia. This charismatic CEO is well-known in the waste management industry as a stringent supporter of the circular economy model.

Ayoola Brimmo

COO and Co-Founder
Ayoola has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He previously worked as a R&D staff in Masdar City (a model green city) through which he instigated several cleantech initiatives in West Africa. He is also experienced in managing businesses in the Middle East and Africa.

Matteo Chiesa

Matteo is a Professor in Material Science. He previously worked as a Scientist in MIT and went on to establish the Energy and Nano Science Laboratory at Masdar City. He has authored over 200 scientific publications and is well known as a fore-runner in nanoscale engineering.

Benedikt Pilscheur

Benedikt has graduate degrees in Material Science (M.Sc.) and Electrical Electronics (Dipl. -Ing. FH). He is also a seasoned entrepreneur, and technologist in the cleantech startup space. Some of his other works include a Solar Tracking System at the Masdar Beam down Facility, and the Soraytec Smart Meter.

Ellen Hansen

Business Development, Greece
Ellen Hansen is a serial entrepreneur in the tourism, resort and real estate industry in Greece. Her business is shifting focus to other business areas especially circular economy, recycling and improvement of the waste management situation around the Mediterranean.

Taiwo Irebami

Business Development, Nigeria
Taiwo Irebami is the operations manager for Nigeria and has years of experience within the Nigerian recycling industry, leading to a deep understanding of the user needs within this growing field.

Walid Glia

Senior System Engineer
Walid is a communication technologist with a passion for coding, His forte is in programming in a number of languages across a diverse field of applications, and is integral for our AI development.

Ragnvald Johansen

Communication and Content Developer
Ragnvald has a degree in market communications. He has experience as an IT-infrastructure analyst, industrial 3D designer and is currently a car journalist working for the daily financial newspaper Finansavisen. He has recently completed the manuscript for his first crime novel, is passionate about cars and photography, and writes the occasional poem.

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The Structure of Success

An old saying states that chance favors the prepared mind. Nothing in the implementation of Cycled Technologies solutions is left to chance, quite the opposite.

But it is interesting to note the convergence of compatible minds, which formed the initial base for the team. As a student, Ayoola Brimmo became acquainted with Matteo Chiesa, who realized his potential and hired him to work as a consultant. Brimmo shared his ideas for waste recycling with Chiesa, who already knew Thor Sverre Minnesjord and brought him into the loop. Minnesjord has a vast network of resourceful people, among them Espen Moen Kvelland. Kvelland quickly realized how big the Cycled project could become, and as a measure of future-proofing it he built blockchain technology into the foundation of the technical platform. This will ensure that it is prepared to handle large volumes of transactions in coming phases. Brimmo’s original concept has become part of a business enterprise, which now incorporates enough highly specialized talent to create a team built around the structure of success.

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